Early Summer Sizzler on Truman

The third stop of the 2022 MoYak Lake Series was a scorcher! Sixty degrees at launch and a forecast of mid 90’s greeted 89 MoYak anglers at this early June event on Truman Lake.

With the lake flooded 11 feet and a quiet practice for many, this one was set up to be a grind. The numbers bore this out as we had an FPA (fish-per-angler) of 3.72 and 46% of the field submitting a limit of bass. By comparison, at our2021 June Truman event 82 anglers were fortunate to put 4.02 (FPA) on the leaderboard with, again, 46% of the field fielding a limit. It’s the start of a troubling trend for Truman in June if you look back to 2020 where we had 58% of the 78 yaks with limits, Jim Harding breaking 100″ and an FPA of 4.97.

Not only did we have to deal with the elements and a fish population in transition, but connectivity issues plagued most of the field all day. Several anglers reported their inability to get fish submitted—even though their phones showed bars of 5G service!

The top of the field found a way to overcome these obstacles—with yours truly coming out on top. Here are your top ten for the 2022 MoYak Stop #3 Truman Lake presented by Everhart’s Outdoors and hosted by Bucksaw Marina.

  1. Troy Enke 87″
  2. Lance Irwin 82″
  3. Trevor Motzkus 81″
  4. Chad Davison 80.5″
  5. Johnathan Dominguez 79.75″
  6. Jeremy Truitt 79″
  7. Chris Robbs 78″
  8. Frankie Dailey 77.5″
  9. Joe Hayes 77.5″
  10. Cole Armer 77.25″

Team Winners

  1. Burrito Banditos (Richie McMichael & Troy Enke) 162.5″
  2. COMO Crushers (Chris Robbs & Chad Davison) 161.25″
  3. Shake & Bake ( Lance Irwin & Tommy Probst) 150″
Three 20’s were caught with Broc VanTassel coming away with Big Bass Honors for his 21.5″ largemouth.

Let’s see how the top five figured it out;

What was your strategy going into the day.

Troy – Truman has always been a mystery to me so this time I just decided to enjoy the fact that we were not dodging lightning bolts and hailstones and instead just go fish.

Lance – Fishing shallow in a small area for less bits but bigger fish

Trevor – My main strategy going in was to ride out the topwater bite; throwing a buzz bait and popper, until it quit, and then junk fish after that. The top water bite didn’t pan out, so I picked up my flipping stick and went to work.

Chad – Start off early with Head Knocker buzzbait on flooded grassy areas – my topwater bite from practice wasn’t there. Caught 2 on a fluke.

Johnathan – I really had no strategy. Just came with an open mind set and was going to fish as hard as I could.

Were you able to prefish and did you find anything that helped you on game day?

Troy – I usually fish the Pomme arm but with the lake up so high and lots of muddy water, I decided to try spots nearer the dam area.  I only had a few hours to practice, with most of that visiting ramps and checking water clarity.

Lance – I pre-fished the weekend before the tourney. I was able to find fish but was unsure how much the water would drop before the tournament. My pre-fishing did help my confidence but didn’t help me to replicate the same bite.

Trevor – I was not able to pre-fish due to work, but I did come up the night before and look at boat ramps, along with attempting to find cell service opportunities for a few hours. Where I chose to put in, I knew it would be more of my style of fishing, and I ran with it.

Chad – Absolutely – found an area that was holding some better fish – caught 2 in practice and left so I didn’t know what it’s full potential would be.

Johnathan – I fished Truman 2 weeks prior to the event. Other than that there wasn’t much prefishing.

What was your best finish before this one?

Troy – I’ve never had a top twenty here before this. 24th out of 79 in 2020 was my previous best.

Lance – 7th in 2020

Trevor – I had never fished Truman in my life before Saturday morning. This was only my third MO-Yak live tournament.

Chad – 1st in 2021

Johnathan – Before this event there has been no best events. It’s been more like catch one fish and go home with your tail between your legs. Truman is a different animal.

What was the general tackle you used to win?

Troy – Funkbuster buzzbait (white) with gold blade, Jackhammers 1/2oz white with white trailer and 3/8oz green pumpkin with blue swirl rage menace trailer

Lance – Megabass top water and Blaukat jig

Trevor – I flipped numerous baits but the only things I could get a bite on was the trusty Brush Hog and Pit Boss. Most catches were on heavy braid and a big tungsten weight. I did catch a pair on a big worm and a flipping jig.

Chad – All of best 5 fish caught flipping a Crock-O-Gator Muskrat in GP/Blue Swirl

Johnathan – I started early with a Buzbait and was able to get a couple bites. Quickly switched over to a bladed jig. My best bite came flipping a secondary point with a MOtion Fishing HawgIlla.

Anything else special about the day? Big Bass Story?

Troy – Special? Can’t beat the outcome. Nothing better than being able to share a win with family over the phone on the drive home. My biggest bass came at the very back of a creek in about a foot of water under a rootwad of an inside channel swing. She crushed the chatterbait soon as it hit the water.

Lance – My big bass was DQ. I took three 1 second videos instead of photos. This is a good reminder for everyone to check your photos before you release your fish. Other than that, I fished clean.

Trevor – I was fortunate enough to have my wife along on the trip, and it was great to do well after I got her up at 4 AM. I know the day was hectic for everyone as far as service and submitting fish, but my plan to get off the water early and find service worked in the end. I was able to fish fairly clean, only losing one keeper
and a spinnerbait. Not really any big bass, but I did catch a 22’’ walleye flipping bushes.

Chad – I feel like current flow had changed. My area dirtied up overnight, bite changed, and more trash in the water. I think they may have slowed or stopped flow temporarily and backwashed into my area.

Lost my 2nd biggest fish – was in the boat and then it wasn’t. Funny video of it on my FB/IG pages

See any wildlife worth mentioning?

Troy – I was visited by a 4lb drum at around 2 pm on the end of my chatterbait as I drug it past a laydown. My heart can’t take that kind of crap. #Gooooooooo

Lance – No

Trevor – I saw more carp than I had ever seen in my life.

Chad – Nope

Johnathan – No

Lose any bigguns?

Troy – I lost one at the boat that would have probably given me 90+

Lance – Just the DQ

Trevor – Just one small one, possibly 12”. I was very fortunate.

Chad – Yes, see above

Johnathan – No

How far did you have to travel to find your fish, what depth range did you target and are you willing to share the general area of the lake you chose?

Troy – Dam area. Tried to fish shaded cover in 4 feet or less. My spot was about a half mile from the ramp.

Lance – I caught all my fish within 300 yards of where I launched in 1-5 ft.

Trevor – I fished the southern end of the lake, most of my fish were within a mile or so from my ramp. But I covered almost 7.5 miles. I wasn’t too worried about depth; I was more worried about finding bushes that were submerged up by the bank, or any bush/brush that had the top out of the water. Most of my fish all came off of bushes that had a few leaves out of the water, or I could visibly see the top just underneath the surface. With the water clarity I was dealing with, I had to have dropped it right on some of them.

Chad – Lower lake, dam area in 3-6′

Johnathan – Grand River arm. Typically fishing the creek I was in is like playing plinko with kayak but since the water was so high I was able to save some time crossing a peninsula. Early I was just staying in an area where I was seeing fish bust. I was in about 11ft of water fishing a shallow area with flooded brush.

Did the weather affect your bite?

Troy – It forced me to the shade and luckily the bass were there too. I caught fish steadily—about every 20-30 min—throughout the day with my last ~3″ upgrade coming in the last 5 minutes.

Lance – I would say yes. Bluebird sky had me fishing a jig for the last four hours of the day. I would normally not do that. I caught three upgrades with the jig.

Trevor – I believe so, I had a decent limit by 7:30 and then the heat turned up. I went almost 3 hours after that without any bites. I caught my last fish around 1:15. I only managed 8 Bass, a walleye and a white bass, the heat definitely affected the bite.

Chad – As sun got higher bite got tougher.

Johnathan – Yes, once the sun came out the bite slowed down alot. Later in the afternoon the wind picked up and that seemed to help the afternoon bite.

Do you plan to fish the remaining MoYak schedule?

Troy – Only if Josh delivers perfect weather and feeds us properly. We’ve suffered long enough. 😛

Lance – Absolutely

Trevor – I currently plan on fishing all Monthly and live MoYak tournaments the rest of the year.

Chad – 100%

Johnathan – I am hoping to make all the events this year!

Derby Stats
Anglers 89
Fish caught – 331
Total limits – 41 (46%)
Margin of victory – 5″
Smallest Bass Award – Zachary Armstrong 8.5″
Air temp at launch – 60
Air temp at takeout – 93
Water temps reported – Mid 80’s

Trash Fish Winner – Jake Johnson

Results — Truman Lake

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Troy Enke871396.00
Lance Irwin822386.00
Trevor Motzkus813380.00
Chad Davison80.54374.50
Johnathan Dominguez79.755368.75
Jeremy Truitt796364.00
Christopher Robbs787359.00
Frankie Dailey77.58354.50
Joe Hayes77.59350.50
Cole Armer77.2510346.25
Joe Walters76.7511342.75
Kerry Evans75.7513335.75
Richie McMichael75.514332.50
Cody Huffman75.2515329.25
Broc Van Tassell7516330.00
Jake Pruett7517325.00
Preston Maples74.7519320.75
Brandon Heimericks73.2520317.25
Tyy Ward71.7522311.75
Danny Johnson7123309.00
Joe Mersky70.7524306.75
Jason Shifflett70.525304.50
Eric Easter6927299.00
Levi Cline68.7528296.75
Tommy Probst6829294.00
Michael Cornelius6830292.00
Erik Fischer6731289.00
Garrett Reid66.2532286.25
Steve Earls6633284.00
Ryan Reed65.2534281.25
Kyle Savner65.2535279.25
Sam Young6536277.00
Zachary Armstrong63.7537273.75
Michael Sandlin63.538271.50
Dave Neal63.539269.50
Stony Floyd6240266.00
Darian Beedle60.541262.50
Nathan Head6042260.00
Scott Kroger59.2543257.25
Jay Harman5644252.00
Jacob Johnson54.2545248.25
James Iken52.546244.50
Ryan Groeller50.2548238.25
Michael Smith48.549234.50
Christopher Moyher4850232.00
Jerry Cornelius44.551226.50
Anthony Brown39.7552219.75
Robert Bruewer38.2553216.25
Lance Burris37.7554213.75
Josh Keatts35.555209.50
Shannon Jernigan33.2556205.25
Frankie Miller3257202.00
Adam Witte2958197.00
Mason Brock28.559194.50
James Wilson27.7560191.75
James Curtis27.561189.50
Brandon Locke27.2562187.25
Donald Schwartz25.564181.50
Matt Yates24.2565178.25
Stacy Jordan19.7566171.75
Jacob High1567165.00
Ryan Mackey14.7568162.75
Christopher Cramsey14.569160.50
Mike Tichenor13.2570157.25
Chad Hartman12.7571154.75
Jason Payne1272152.00
William Atchison073138.00
Jake Bollinger074136.00
Anthony Byers075134.00
Angela Carman076132.00
Clifton Crib077130.00
Mike Dent078128.00
Dorman Hughey079126.00
Mike Keafer080124.00
Andrew Leotaud081122.00
Aaron Noble082120.00
Nicholas Robinson084116.00
Phil Schaefer085114.00
Billy Schlobohm086112.00
James Shoemaker087110.00
Jennings Sirmon088108.00
Brett Walker089106.00

Results — 2022 Truman Team

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Burrito Banditos162.51465.50
CoMo Crushers161.252459.25
Shake & Bake1503443.00
The Midwest Sticks148.254436.25
Slappin Da Bass146.55429.50
Wet Hookers1396418.00
Honorable Mention1397414.00
Double D’s138.58409.50
The Chatter Boys135.2510398.25
Hookset Ninjas127.7511387.75
Bassless Chaps117.2512374.25
Motor Promoters113.2513367.25
Crankin & Spankin112.514363.50
Dink Whisperers107.2515355.25
Eco Fanatics94.7516340.75
Anchor Management 294.7517338.75
Western MO Sticks51.7518293.75
Bourbon and Bass48.7519288.75
Wiggle Wart Warriors40.2520278.25
Team Bonafide37.7521273.75
Reel Amateurs022234.00