Ward Whacks ’em on LOZ”!

NOTE – Our recap will be posted after the Big Bass 250 since most of the top five will be fishing that tournament.

Results — 2023 Lake of the Ozarks

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Tyy Ward93.51305
Troy Enke92.52295
Lance Burris89.253290
Jason Shifflett874285
Mike Dent865280
Chad Davison84.56276
Robert Swearngin83.257272
Richie McMichael81.258268
Corey Jackson (R)819264
Aaron Gardner (R)79.7510260
Scott Kroger79.7511257
Joe Hayes79.512254
Lance Irwin7913251
Zach Woolverton (R)7914248
Pat Lassek (R)78.7515245
Garrett Reid78.516243
Emily Motzkus (R)7817241
John Evans7717241
Lando Mitchell (R)76.2519237
Jacob Johnson75.7520235
Christopher Robbs74.7521233
Randy Hoehn (R)73.522231
Josh Keatts7323229
Johnathan Dominguez7324227
Danny Johnson7125225
Mason Brock7126223
Steve Van Tassell70.527221
Tommy Probst70.528219
Shannon Jernigan69.2530215
Micah Funderburgh69.2531213
Eric Easter67.7533209
Perry Burton (R)6534207
Trevor Motzkus64.535205
Blake Weilant (R)6336203
Christopher Moyher6337201
Ben Steele62.7538199
Sam Young55.7540195
Patrick Bowman53.7542191
Mike Tichenor52.543189
Adam Denningmann (R)5244187
Phil Schaefer49.545185
Kyle Savner40.546183
Donald Schwartz37.2547181
Jacob Pruett35.548179
Anthony Brown28.2549177
Larson Jacobson (R)2650175
Michael Waeckerle (R)23.551173
Justin Penney12.553169
Chris Eason (R)954167
Zachary Adams055165
Jake Bollinger056165
Jim Harding058165
Joshua Karpowecz059165
Dave Neal060165
Michael Sandlin061165
Corey Sims (R)062165
Broc Van Tassell064165


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2023 Schedule

2023 Online - March2023 Online
2023 Crock-O-Gator Taney 202023-NonAOY
2023 Online - April2023 Online
2023 Pomme de Terre2023
2023 Pomme de Terre Team2023 Team
2023 Online - May2023 Online
2023 Table Rock2023
2023 Table Rock Team2023 Team
2023 River Series Stop #12023 River
2023 Online - June2023 Online
2023 Stockton2023
2023 Stockton Team2023 Team
2023 River Series Stop #2 (Central)2023 River
2023 Truman Lake2023
2023 Truman Lake Team2023 Team
2023 Online - July2023 Online
2023 River Series Stop #3 (West)2023 River
2023 Online - August2023 Online
2023 River Series Stop #4 (Statewide)2023 River
2023 Wappapello2023
2023 Wappapello Team2023 Team
2023 Online - September2023 Online
2023 River Series Stop #5 (East)2023 River
2023 Bull Shoals2023
2023 Bull Shoals Team2023 Team
2023 River Series Championship2023 River
2023 Lake of the Ozarks2023
2023 Lake of the Ozarks Team2023 Team
2023 Missouri Kayak Bass Championship2023-NonAOY