2022 Midnight Madness (On time)


Results — 2022 Norfork

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Eli Powers86.251300
Christopher Gilbert82.52295
Tommy Probst76.253290
Micah Funderburgh75.254290
Jeremy Truitt745280
Lance Burris73.756276
Joe Hayes73.757272
John Evans73.258268
Josh Keatts739264
Mike Dent7310260
Mike Keafer72.7511257
Trevor Motzkus7212254
Michael Smith71.7513251
Justin Wright69.2514248
Sam Young6816243
Lance Irwin67.517241
Cole Armer67.518239
Scott Kroger67.2519237
Tyy Ward6720235
Michael Sandlin66.2521233
Christopher Robbs6522231
Dorman Hughey6523229
Richie McMichael63.2524227
Nathan Head6325225
Dave Neal59.2526223
Ryan Reed55.7527221
Kerry Evans5228219
Troy Enke50.2529217
Jerry Cornelius50.2530215
Stony Floyd46.2532211
Stacy Jordan43.7533209
Johnathan Dominguez41.534207
Jason Shifflett39.7535205
Jason Payne39.2536203
Darian Beedle39.2537201
Mike Tichenor36.2538199
Anthony Brown33.2539197
Brayden Cravens25.7540195
Steve Earls25.2541193
Brandon Locke24.542191
Levi Cline2443189
Christopher Moyher14.7545185
Cody Huffman14.2546183
James Curtis (Ozark)13.7547181
Danny Johnson11.7550175
Zachary Armstrong051173
Eric Easter053173
Trevor Fanning054173
Shannon Jernigan055173
Sarah Johnson056173
Patrick Troutman058173
James Wilson059173

Results — 2022 Norfork Team

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Team Bonafide146.51300
Shake & Bake143.752295
The Chatter Boys126.253290
Burrito Banditos113.54285
Dink Whisperers826276
Eco Fanatics777272
Slappin Da Bass73.758268
Wet Hookers63.759264

Results — 2022 River Series Central #4

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Tyler Cokley85.751300
Brandon Prince832295
Steve Earls79.53290
Darian Beedle79.254290
Eric Suntrup79.255280
Brett Long78.56276
Levi Cline74.57272
Tyler Myers74.58268
Christopher Robbs73.759264
Brandon Heimericks73.510260
Garrett Reid73.2511257
Andy Webb72.512254
Chad Davison71.513251
Lance Sitton7114248
Brett Henry70.2515245
Jason Shifflett6916243
Jeremy Mitchell67.7517241
Ryan Reed67.7518239
Kerry Evans67.7519237
Mike Tichenor6720235
Zachary Bray64.521233
Josh Keatts64.2522231
Taylor Anderson5723229
Chris Smith5424227
Justin Arnold027225

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