August 2021 Online (On time)

Results — River Derby

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Dorman Hughey80.51300
Travis Cole79.52295
Brandon Prince783290
Eric Suntrup77.754285
Tyy Ward73.255280
Christopher Robbs72.756276
Troy Enke727282
John Denton728268
Sam Young71.259264
Lance Burris7110260
Mike Keafer67.2511257
Larry Lee65.512254
Mike Dent65.513251
Brian Hillman6314248
Broc Van Tassell62.7515245
Zachary Armstrong62.7516243
Zachary Reynolds62.2517241
Stacy Jordan6018239
Chad Davison5919237
Jason Shifflett5720235
Joe Hayes56.7521233
Anthony Jordan56.7522231
Jared Geary56.2523229
Dave Neal55.7524227
Eric Easter49.2525225
Joe Mersky29.2526223
Patrick Campbell25.2527221
Chad Hartman21.2528219
Naham King18.529217
Ryan Reed1330215
Kerry Evans1331213
Joe Walters9.7532211
Darian Beedle033209
Frankie Dailey034209
Trevor Fanning035209
Jacob Johnson036209

Results — River Derby Team Trail

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Team Bonafide136.51300
Chubbie Chasers135.752295
The Furious Drum Snatchers1353300
Honorable Mention1304285
The Chatter Boys1295280
Wishbone Raiders126.256276
The Bass Bums115.757272
Slappin Da Bass1068268
Wiggle Wart Warriors92.59264
The Bream Team65.510260
PB & Jigs012254

Results — River Team #3

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Team Bonafide136.51310
Wishbone Raiders126.252295
Bushwhacking Baldknobbers115.753290
Bourbeuse Bass Lickers06276
Rough Thumb Militia07276

Results — 2021 River Series #3 (East)

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Brandon Prince781310
Eric Suntrup77.752295
Jacob Ruggles74.53290
Christopher Robbs72.754285
John Denton725280
Lance Burris716276
Jim Harding69.57272
Jacob Pruett698268
Mike Keafer65.59264
Brett Long6410260
Brian Hillman6311257
Zachary Armstrong62.7512254
Zachary Reynolds62.2513251
Chad Davison5914248
Stacy Jordan58.515245
Jason Shifflett5716243
Joshua Boothe56.7517241
Anthony Jordan56.7518239
Dave Neal55.7519237
Bob Sturgeon36.520235
Robert Ragan35.7521233
Joe Mersky29.2522231
Naham King18.523229
Ryan Reed1324227
Kerry Evans1325225
Darian Beedle026223
Trevor Fanning027223
As we begin the 2021 season, MoYak has implemented a new minimum length requirement that will be applied to ALL MoYak Series tournaments, including the River Series, and Online Series.
There will no longer be a minimum length requirement. Anglers may submit photos of Largemouth, spotted, and smallmouth bass of any size, that are caught by legal tournament methods.

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2020 State Championship Awards

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2020 Missouri State Champion – Brandon Prince