Truman Lake (On time)

Results — 2021 River Series #1 (Central)

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Jim Harding84.751300
Jeremy Mitchell84.52305
Garrett Reid843290
Jason Yiznitsky81.54285
Brandon Prince78.55280
Tommy Probst756276
Lance Irwin74.757272
Jacob Pruett70.758268
Keaton Voeghtly689264
Mike Unruh66.2510260
Ryan Reed65.511257
Robert Ragan64.512254
Christopher Robbs6313251
Trevor Fanning62.7514248
Jacob Ruggles61.2516243
John Denton6017241
Brett Long52.7518239
Jason Shifflett49.2519237
Cooper Rodman44.2520235
Travis England39.521233
Darian Beedle37.2522231
Bob Sturgeon35.523229
Zachary Bray024227
Kerry Evans025227
Chad Hartman026227
Cristin Webb027227

Results — Lake of the Ozarks

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Mike Dent92.51300
Broc Van Tassell88.52295
Sam Young873290
John Stickley86.754285
Jacob Osborne86.255280
Morgan McClain85.756276
Mason Brock85.57272
Alexander Jackson85.258278
Chad Davison85.259264
Lance Burris84.2510260
Jeremy Truitt83.2511257
Dorman Hughey8312254
Scott Kroger8313251
Joe Walters82.7514248
Danny Johnson82.7515245
Larry Lee82.7516243
Isaac Comer8217241
Jacob Johnson8218239
Keaton Voeghtly8219237
David Cruz81.2520235
Marty Hughes8122231
Richie McMichael8123229
Jeff Mellencamp80.7524227
Frankie Dailey79.525225
Garrett Reid79.526223
Mark Springer79.527221
Brett Gray7929217
Johnathan Dominguez7930215
Dave Neal78.7531213
Michael Cornelius78.7532211
Nate Gloria78.2534207
Jason Yiznitsky77.535205
Michael Pillman77.2536203
Tyy Ward7737201
Matt Yates76.7538199
Brian Hillman76.539197
Stacy Jordan76.2540195
John Denton7641193
Troy Enke7642191
Preston Maples7643189
Trevor Fanning75.7544187
Lee Donner75.7545185
Josh Martin75.546183
Jeff Hook75.547181
Lance Irwin75.2548179
James Iken7549177
Chris Siebenmorgen7550175
Wesley Cody74.7551173
Bobby Rubek7452171
Mitchell Schied73.7553169
Joe Rippe73.7554167
Eric Easter7355165
Phil Schaefer72.557161
Kenny Hood72.2558159
Christopher Gilbert7259157
Ryan Reed71.560155
Joe Hayes71.561153
Tom Schultz7162151
Jay Harman70.2563149
Jacob Evans69.7564147
Jason Shifflett6965145
Cooper Rodman6966143
Darian Beedle68.7567141
Zachary Armstrong6869137
Mike Tichenor6870135
Tyler Lowtharp67.2572131
Christopher Robbs6773129
Jameson Gray66.574127
Ed Bergstedt6675125
Jason Payne64.7577121
Tommy Probst64.2578119
Kerry Evans64.2579117
Justin Penney63.2580115
Joe Mersky62.581113
Anthony Jordan62.2582111
Jeremy Mitchell61.583109
Jerry Powers III57.2584107
Dean Frye5685105
Mike Keafer48.586103
Jacob Pruett44.7587101
Patrick Campbell44.758899
Chad Hartman42.758997
Steve Sisson41.59193
Jerry Cornelius399291
Jacob Ruggles36.759389
Robert Tack32.759487
Tyce Smith28.59585
Steve Neyens169683
David Dow09881
Lawrence Ecklor09981
Justin Laughlin010175

Results — Lake of the Ozarks Team Trail

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
The Bream Team174.51300
Honorable Mention1652305
The Bass Bandidos161.753290
The Bass Bums160.754285
BBS (Big Bass Specialists)157.755280
The Chatter Boys155.756276
The Furious Drum Snatchers152.57272
Toad Stickers152.258268
STL Lip Rippers152.259264
Slappin Da Bass144.510260
Yaktive Duty13911257
PB & Jigs138.512254
Team Bonafide132.7514248
Wiggle Wart Warriors132.7515245
Titan Home Services117.7516243
The Rat Basstards83.2517241
As we begin the 2021 season, MoYak has implemented a new minimum length requirement that will be applied to ALL MoYak Series tournaments, including the River Series, and Online Series.
There will no longer be a minimum length requirement. Anglers may submit photos of Largemouth, spotted, and smallmouth bass of any size, that are caught by legal tournament methods.

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2020 State Championship Awards


Posted by Joshua Boothe on Sunday, October 18, 2020


2020 Missouri State Champion – Brandon Prince