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Tournament Tips

  • Print off a couple spare identifiers. Better too many than one too few.
  • Take multiple photos of each fish with your camera, an ID visible in each one, then upload to TourneyX from your camera roll. That leaves you with backups and alternate images in case the first one you submitted gets dinged.
  • Identify the closest place with wi-fi or a good data signal and bear in mind how many minutes you are from it.
  • Put the TD’s cell phone number in your contacts. His name and phone number are on the TourneyX Event page. Text, call, PM, or email him to alert him to technological problems that may be systemic. Also, you can transmit photos to him for manual uploads if necessary.
  • Test your TourneyX dashboard login and photo submission functions minutes after the competition start time. Take a photo of your ID and Hawg Trough to make sure your camera is working and that you can upload. Might be a good time to test the “cull” feature, too.
  • Carry backups. Cell phones rarely float. A second digital camera in a waterproof bag adds little weight and takes up little space in your gear crate.
  • Speaking of floating, add flotation to your KBF-approved measuring board.
  • Carry a Sharpie to darken the Hawg Trough lines or mark the fence base and print the ID code on your identifier form. (You’ll find it useful for turning a spinnerbait, soft plastic, or crankbait into a nighttime lure or adding camo to a frog.)
  • Have a USB cord or spare removable media and batteries for a digital camera.
  • Under the “it goes without saying,” make sure to top off your cell phone charge as you drive to the lake, and turn off all unused apps that slurp up power and shorten a battery charge.
  • A pre-flight checklist is not a bad idea


How Kayak Tournaments work
The night before a tournament there will be a Captain’s meeting. This will be the time when the Tournament Director(TD), will go over the rules and discuss the event. Anglers will then receive the
3 digit Identifier code, that must be visible in all fish photos. Launch times, start times, and check-in deadlines will also be discussed at the meeting.

On tournament day anglers may launch their kayaks from any public access. This is referred to as a “Roadrunner style launch”. First launch time is when an angler may get on the water and get into position to begin. Lines in time is when the angler can now begin fishing.

Kayak tournaments go by the length of the fish and are Catch Photo Release style also known as “CPR”. Once an angler catches a bass, they will then place it on approved measuring device( Hawg
Trough and Ketch only) and take a photo of it with their phone, making sure the 3 digit identifier code is visible. The fish is then released back into the water. Once a proper photo has been taken that meets photo standards, it gets submitted to the TourneyX tournament management system app.

TourneyX is free for anglers to use and is an excellent tournament management system. You will upload the photo of your bass and it will go onto a live leaderboard, that shows what everyone has. Family at home can follow along live while watching as well. This app will place a geotag and a timestamp for the judge to see, which shows exactly where the fish was caught and at what time (only the TD/Judge can see this). TourneyX will automatically cull for you, and keep track of your total length from your best 5 bass. The angler with the highest total of length will be the winner.

Once the tournament end time arrives, which is normally 3 pm, anglers must stop fishing. No photos taken after that time will be accepted. Anglers will then need to load up and travel to tournament headquarters. Anglers must be checked in by the designated time given at the captain’s meeting. At the check-in, there will be food and drinks, free raffles and giveaways, and the awards ceremony will start shortly after.


Coast Guard approved PFD
Kayak or canoe
Safety whistle
Free TourneyX account
Hawg Trough or Ketch board