About Mo-Yak


Sportsman of the Year
2020- Jay Harman
2021- Jim Harding
2022- Troy Enke
2023- Jay Harman

2023 Missouri State Champion – JOSH KEATTS

State Champion
2015- Brian Hillman
2016- Jim Harding
2017- Travis Ueke
2018 – Jeff Mellencamp 
2019 – Troy Enke
2020 – Brandon Prince
2021 – Justin Coon
2022 – Jason Shifflett
2023 – Josh Keatts

Angler of the Year
2015- Dorman Hughey
2016- Tyy Ward
2017- Joshua Boothe
2018- Jim Harding
2019- Dorman Hughey (1472 pts) – View 2019 Results
2020- Lance Burris (1432 pts) – View 2020 Results
2021- Dorman Hughey (1417 pts) – View 2021 Results
2022- Chad Davison (1375 pts) – View 2022 Results
2023- Lance Burris (1404 pts) – View 2023 Results

Angler of the Year – Team
2020- H&H Bass Destroyers (Dorman Hughey & Jim Harding) – View 2020 Results
2021- The Bass Bandidos (Jeff Mellencamp & Richie McMichael) – View 2021 Results
2022 – The Burrito Bandidos (Richie McMichael & Troy Enke) – View 2022 Results
2023 – Everhart’s A Team (Chris Robbs & Chad Davison) – View 2023 Results

Angler of the Year – River
2021- Brandon Prince – View 2021 Results
2022- Brett Long – View 2022 Results
2023- Tyler Cokley

Angler of the Year – River Team
2021- Wishbone Raiders (Jason Shifflet & Levi Cline) – View 2021 Results
2022- Not tracked

Angler of the Year – Online
2020 – Jared Fosnow – View 2020 Results
2021 – Jonathan Dominguez – View 2021 Results
2022 – Troy Enke – View 2022 Results
2023 – Chris Robbs – View 2023 Results

Rookie of the Year
2016 – Joshua Boothe
2017- Jordan Isaacs
2018- Lance Burris
2019- Joe Hayes
2020- DJ Williams
2021 – Chad Davison
2022 – Trevor Motzkus
2023 – Zachary Woolverton

Highest One Day Total (Live)
Jim W. Harding – Truman lake June 2020 – 100.5

Big Bass (Live)
Brian Hillman – Lake Taneycomo 2019 – 22.5
Darian Beedle – Pomme De Terre 2020 – 22.5

Big Bass (Online)
Peyton Stumpf – 24.00″

Largest Margin of Victory (Live)
Darian Beedle Pomme de Terre 2020 +11.5

Most Fish Caught (Live – One Day)
2021 Lake of the Ozarks – 698

Largest Turnout
2022 Table Rock April – 153 anglers

Most Wins
Dorman Hughey – 6 wins

Top 5 Online monthly series scores
September 2023 – Chris Robbs 111″
July 2020 – Brennan Banks – 110.50″
August 2022 – Chris Robbs 110.25
March 2020 – Richy R Laughery – 109.75″
May 2021 – Dorman Hughey – 109.75″

Mo-Yak History

Established December 22, 2014, by founding members – Eric Hansen, Brian Hillman, Tyy Ward, Heath Hudson, Jim Harding, Richy Laughery, and Jerry Ward, four of us had attended a kayak bass tournament in the fall of 2014, on Pony Creek Lake, Iowa and we all had an absolute blast. We wanted to bring that excitement to the Ozarks! 

Current Mo-Yak leadership includes President/TD Joshua Boothe, along with  MoYak Officers Brian Hillman, and Troy Enke

Missouri Kayak Club (Mo-Yak) Constitution

The Mo-Yak fishing series is Missouri’s premier kayak bass fishing tournament trail and longest-running series in the state. Top anglers from the Mo-Yak fishing series are awarded cash prizes, along with merchandise at every event. Members also are entered in free raffles and given food and drinks at the conclusion of every tournament. Some of the nation’s top kayak anglers travel to compete and enjoy the comradery here in the Ozarks. In 2020 we had anglers travel from Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Nebraska to compete in Missouri. Average attendance at every tournament in 2020 was 70 anglers with an average payout of over $1k to first place.

We pride ourselves on the integrity of our anglers and the friendships that have formed over the past six years. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, know that you will be welcomed with a handshake and a smile. The most angler-friendly club in the region, we promise to make every effort to keep our meetings on time, our tournaments ran fairly and our awards meetups as fun as possible. Mo-Yak promotes water safety and encourages everyone to be stewards of our Ozark’s waterways, always aiming to help protect these wonderful natural resources.

In the Ozark region of Southwest/Central Missouri, we compete on 6 of the major bass lakes in Missouri, as well as many rivers across the state. For kayak anglers whose schedules prevent them from fishing our weekend tournaments, we suggest our Online series. These fish-at-your-own-pace tournaments are held every month of the year allowing our anglers to fish competitively as their schedules allow. Hate fishing alone? We also host a two-person Team series at each of our individual trail events. The MoYak River Series is for anglers who love to float the beautiful creeks and streams of the Ozarks and compete for cash. Finally, our Winter Series is for those who are brave enough to fish when days get shorter and the mercury drops.