Mo-Yak is a group of Kayak Anglers based in Missouri, USA.  We host bass tournaments throughout the state, most of which are within Missouri Ozarks in the Southwest portion of the state. 

Kayak Bass Fishing is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, and we’re proud to have a great group of anglers to share our passion. 

Whether your looking to join us in a friendly tournament, or just have some questions about how you can get started fishin’ from a ‘yak, we’re happy to help newcomers and veterans alike. 

Anyone is eligible to become a Mo-Yak member.  You are welcome to fish any one of our tournaments as a guest to give the tournament atmosphere a feel if you’d like.

Being a member does have its benefits, as you will earn AOY points and prizes at the end of each tournament as well as a chance to qualify for the All-American Kayak Bass Classic

Membership is $50.00 and you will receive a Mo-Yak T-Shirt, decals, AOY points for each tournament you compete in and a chance to qualify for the KBF National Championship. All Mo-Yak members enjoy discounted tournament entry fees – non-members are typically required to pay an extra $15 per contest. In addition to all these great benefits, you will be covered under KBF insurance and all the benefits and discounts from our sponsors. 

A signed waiver form is required to compete in 2020. Waivers are available at any pre-tournament captains meeting.

Purchase 2020 Membership

Sign Waiver of Liability

Membership goodies will be given out at the next meeting after you have become a verified member. 

2020 MoYak Angler Roster

Aaron Sims
Alex Bequette
Alex Carriker
Ben Wells
Bill Dipman
Billy Reynolds
Brandon Brown
Brandon Prince
Brian Hillman
Buck Bogie
Carl Pender
Chad Bone
Chad Hartman
Chris King
Christopher Moyher
Christopher Robbs
Chuck Stogdill
Cody Pender
Cole Armer
Cooper Rodman
DJ Williams
Danny Johnson
Darien Beedle
Dave Neal
David Pilgrim
David Scott
Dean Frye
Derrick Jack
Derroll Hutton
Devin Mathews
Diana Dobbs
Dorman Hughey
Dustin Besperat
Ed Bergstedt
Ethan Fischer
Ethan Mclean
Evan Washburn
Floyd Lee
Frankie Miller
Gary Klote
Grant Dohle
Greg Lucas
Harry Bentz
Hunter Ridenour
Jacob Evans
Jacob Jenkins
Jake Kroger
James Curtis
James Iken
Jared Carlton
Jared Fosnow
Jared Geary
Jarred Anderson
Jason Payne
Jason Stokes
Jay Harman
Jeff Hook
Jeff Mellencamp
Jeremy Cherry
Jeremy Hoose
Jeremy Mitchell
Jeremy Truitt
Jerry Cornelius
Joe Hayes
John Evans
John Ilnicky
John Sandifer
Johnathan Dominguez
Johnathon Kates
Johnny Cole
Jon Newlands
Joseph Rippe
Josh Keithley
Josh Martin
Josh Robinson
Joshua Boothe
Joshua Ramey
Justin Arnald
Justin Arnold
Keaton Voeghtly
Keith Jones
Kenny Jackson
Kerry Evans
Kori Whitchurch
Lance Burris
Lance Rogers
Lonnie Taylor
Lonnie Venson
Mark Collier
Mark Douglas
Matt Bryant
Matt Hermann
Matt Yates
Mel Ashe
Michael Cornelius
Michael Pillman
Michael Sandlin
Mike DeWitt
Mike Dent
Mike Downing
Mike Keafer
Mike Unruh
Nathan Head
Nathan Webster
Nick Booe
Richard Hambrook
Richie McMichael
Richy Laughery
Ryan Mackey
Ryan Marshall
Ryan Reed
Sam Young
Scott Kroger
Scott Spence
Sean Bowling
Shannon Jernigan
Shawn Priest
Stacy Jordan
Steve Boing
Steve Bryant
Steve Neyens
Steve Sisson
TJ McMurray
Team Schied
Tommy Probst
Travis Cole
Travis Skavhaug
Trevor Fanning
Trevor Messbarger
Troy Caldwell
Troy Enke
Tyce Smith
Tyy Ward
Wyatt Montle
Zach Cochran
Zachary Adams
Zachary Armstrong