Pomme de Terre

Mercy! What a finish for Mersky on Pomme

Wildfires out west provided a hazy start to the morning for Stop #7 on the Mo-Yak Fishing Tournament Series.  After the smoke cleared, Joe Mersky came out on top after tying Justin Coon with 84.25″!  Let’s see how he did it…

What was your strategy going into the day.
I had planned to go out first thing with a topwater arsenal. Just in case I would bring my chatterbait for shallow and mid-range, and a Texas rig for the deeper fish. I actually didn’t stick to my topwater plan as I wasn’t feeling it, I think I threw a bluegill swimbait 3 times. After that I committed to the chatterbait and Texas rig.

Were you able to prefish and did you find anything that helped you on game day?
I didn’t get any time on Pomme before the tournament. I had done a bit of research on topography maps, also reading that the bass were moving to the holes.

What was your best finish before this one?
Stockton, I had placed 6th.

What was the general tackle you used to win?
I fished a 1/2oz sprayed grass Jackhammer with a candy grass d bomb trailer primarily. When the bite would slow I threw a 1/4oz Texas rig with a 10″ green pumpkin curly tail.

Anything else special about the day?
Within the first hour, I landed my biggest bass. I had thrown my jackhammer in 2 feet of water onto some rocks. I was slowly working it as a jig and once I started to retrieve the lure, right next to my boat the fish blew up, luckily I had my drag set. I was able to tire her out and land it.  I ended up losing about 3 to 4 more big ones, due to the Texas rig and the bite being weird with it. But when it worked, it produced 14 to 16 inchers.

How far did you have to travel to find your fish?
I really only traveled about 2 miles, I just stayed where I was because the boats weren’t bad at all, and there were only a few of us there.

What depth range were you looking for?
I was shooting for very shallow to 3 feet in the early morning. Once 10 am came around I switched to 3 to 8 foot and 10-15 foot.

Did the weather affect your bite?
Traveling first thing in glass calm water made getting set up very easy. Once the wind had picked up, I was ready to come back, it was blowing in the direction I needed to go. The wind definitely helped with the chatterbait bite.

Do you plan to fish the remaining MoYak schedule?
Unfortunately due to some very recent issues, ill only be fishing the remainder of September online, KBF national, and the AAKS. With hopes of coming back soon.

Are there things that MoYak can do better?
I think everybody running Moyak is doing a great job. This is a very fun competitive club to be a part of. The only thing I would ask, and I am grateful for the past 2 tournaments, is that we stay as far from the rain as possible! Thanks for having me!

Derby Stats
Anglers 77
Fish caught – 404
Total limits – 50
Margin of victory – 0″
Smallest Bass Award – Trevor Fanning 4.75″
Air temp at launch – 71
Air temp at takeout – 89
Water temps reported
Up river – mid 70’s
Main lake – 80’s

Results — Pomme de Terre

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Joe Mersky84.251310
Justin Coon84.252295
Jason Shifflett83.753290
Chad Davison804285
Dorman Hughey77.255280
Danny Johnson76.756276
Jason Yiznitsky73.57272
Lance Burris73.58268
Alexander Jackson739264
Troy Enke72.2510260
Johnathan Dominguez71.511257
Broc Van Tassell71.512254
Mike Dent70.2513251
Steve Earls70.2514248
Christopher Moyher7015245
Brian Hillman69.516243
Jared Fosnow68.517241
Evan Washburn68.2518239
Jared Geary6820235
Tommy Probst67.7521233
Christopher Robbs67.2522231
Scott Kroger66.7523229
Jerry Cornelius66.7524227
Lance Irwin66.525225
Sam Young6626223
Eric Easter6627221
Patrick Campbell65.7528219
Michael Sandlin65.7529217
Ryan Reed6530215
Richie McMichael64.7531213
Michael Cornelius6433209
Frankie Dailey63.534207
Isaac Comer63.2535205
Jacob Johnson63.2536203
John Evans63.2537201
Trevor Fanning6240195
Tyy Ward6242191
Mike Keafer61.7543189
Stacy Jordan61.2544187
Joe Hayes60.7545185
Joe Walters60.546183
Jacob Pruett57.7547181
Bill Dipman5648179
Larry Lee55.7549177
Jay Harman53.2550175
Dave Neal51.2551173
Jeff Mellencamp49.552171
Jacob Ruggles49.2553169
Patrick Troutman47.7554167
Darian Beedle44.2555165
Chris Siebenmorgen43.7556163
Shannon Jernigan41.558159
Zachary Armstrong4159157
Mike Tichenor3860155
Matt Bryant3861153
Zachary Reynolds34.7563149
Steve Bryant30.2564147
Kerry Evans26.2565145
Donald Schwartz24.566143
James Perrin24.2567141
Kyle Savner23.2568139
Levi Cline22.2569137
Anthony Jordan13.7570135
Wesley Cody9.2571133
Chris Woehl872131
Cole Armer073129
Mason Brock074129
Jim Harding075129
Justin Wright077129

Results — Pomme de Terre Team Trail

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
The Furious Drum Snatchers141.751300
Team Bonafide135.253290
The Bream Team133.54285
PB & Jigs132.255280
Crankin & Spankin130.756276
Slappin Da Bass126.757272
Honorable Mention1238268
The Bass Bandidos114.259264
The Chatter Boys113.2510260
Wishbone Raiders10611267
Tackle Junkies97.7512254