Team Trail Results 2021

Results — Pomme de Terre Team Trail

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
The Furious Drum Snatchers141.751300
Team Bonafide135.253290
The Bream Team133.54285
PB & Jigs132.255280
Titan Home Services130.756276
Slappin Da Bass126.757272
Honorable Mention1238268
The Bass Bandidos114.259264
The Chatter Boys113.2510260
Wishbone Raiders10611267
Tackle Junkies97.7512254

Results — Stockton Lake Team Trail

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
The Bass Bums144.251300
The Bass Bandidos141.252295
The Chatter Boys134.253290
PB & Jigs129.254285
Slappin Da Bass126.55280
The Furious Drum Snatchers117.56286
Titan Home Services110.757272
The Bream Team98.758268
Honorable Mention94.259264
Wiggle Wart Warriors5310260
Team Bonafide45.2511257
Toad Stickers013251

Results — Truman Lake Team Trail

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
The Bass Bandidos159.51300
H&H Bass Destroyers1592305
Team Bonafide156.53290
Yaktive Duty1434285
Titan Home Services137.55280
Chubbie Chasers126.56276
Honorable Mention1197272
Slappin Da Bass117.758268
The Bass Bums87.259264
Hicks with Sticks87.2510260
The Furious Drum Snatchers7912254
The Bream Team77.2513251
The Chatter Boys73.514248
Wiggle Wart Warriors71.2515245
PB & Jigs5416243

Results — Lake of the Ozarks Team Trail

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
The Bream Team174.51300
Honorable Mention1652305
The Bass Bandidos161.753290
The Bass Bums160.754285
BBS (Big Bass Specialists)157.755280
The Chatter Boys155.756276
The Furious Drum Snatchers152.57272
Toad Stickers152.258268
STL Lip Rippers152.259264
Slappin Da Bass144.510260
Yaktive Duty13911257
PB & Jigs138.512254
Team Bonafide132.7514248
Wiggle Wart Warriors132.7515245
Titan Home Services117.7516243
The Rat Basstards83.2517241

Results — Table Rock Lake Team Trail

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
The Bream Team168.51310
STL Lip Rippers167.252295
The Bass Bandidos165.53290
Slappin Da Bass164.254285
The Bass Bums163.755280
The Chatter Boys158.256276
Wiggle Wart Warriors156.757272
Yaktive Duty156.758268
Team WPS154.259264
H&H Bass Destroyers146.510260
The Furious Drum Snatchers146.511257
PB & Jigs14512254
Team Bonafide142.7513251
Honorable Mention140.7514248
Chubbie Chasers13815245
Titan Home Services10116243
Tear Em Up9617241
The Rat Basstards77.519237
Shaking and Making Baking70.7520235
Hicks with Sticks4521233

Results — Bull Shoals Team Trail 2021

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Yaktive Duty172.751310
Team WPS163.252295
The Furious Drum Snatchers1373290
The Bass Bums1024285
The Bass Bandidos101.255280
PB & Jigs976276
The Chatter Boys907272
Team Bonafide87.758268
Hicks with Sticks86.259264
STL Lip Rippers8110260
H&H Bass Destroyers75.2511257
Honorable Mention7512254
Titan Home Services67.7513251
Slappin Da Bass64.2514248
The Bream Team62.2515245
The Rat Basstards42.7516243
Tree Snaggers3317241
Wiggle Wart Warriors28.7518239
Tear Em Up2419237
Shaking and Making Baking1421233
The DinkMasters13.7522231
Chubbie Chasers023229
Toad Stickers024229