Team Trail 2023

The 2023 MoYak Team Trail Series kicks off in April. This two-man team series will be based on a best five of seven-lake tournament circuit and a two-day championship in October on a lake to be determined by a random draw.

New for 2023! Team scores will be based on the best 3 per angler for a team total of 6 bass.

Two anglers, two kayaks, fishing together or at different areas of the fishery. Each angler is responsible for their own fish. Team AOY points will be earned at each event. Best 5 of 7 trail events will determine the Team AOY title.

The Team with the most AOY points at the end of the seven-lake series will receive a pair of championship belts valued at over $200.

The 2023 Championship will not be included in AOY points.

MoYak Team Trail 2023 Schedule


Both teammates are required to sign the waiver of liability. Signing once per season whether Individual or Team covers you for the year.

Team Trail Tournaments in 2023 will run consecutively with the MoYak Series – Anglers can fish both events at once. MoYak membership is required to compete whether fishing as an Individual or part of a Team.

Standard MoYak rules will apply to all events.  Here are a few additional rules/instructions;

  1. You choose your teammate, and you both remain a team for the whole season.
  2. If you lose a partner you may get a new one, but AOY points reset.
  3. Teammates are not required to launch together.
  4. Anglers can only be on one team at a time.
  5. Team scores will be based on best 3 per angler for a team total of 6 bass.
  6. Each angler must catch, photo and release their own fish in all Team Trail events.

Entry fees for tournaments will be $33 per teammate, with registration on TourneyX.
Teams are created on your TourneyX dashboard as well. (see below)

  • 100% payback after fees
  • No Big Bass prize on the Team side

After you have become a MoYak member, just pick another member as your partner and follow these four easy steps;

Step 1 – Sign Waiver of Liability (each team member)

Step 2 – Each angler signs up for tournament.

Step 3 – Captain creates team on TourneyX dashboard. Second angler chooses JOIN TEAM on their TourneyX Dashboard TourneyX will combine the scores automatically.