May Madness 2020

This will be a bracket style tournament, open to the first 64 anglers to sign up. Missouri public water only.
64 anglers will be randomly assigned a ranking, and region.

First round will be 1 on 1 match ups based on anglers rank, just like the March Madness Basketball brackets. Winners will then advance to the next week. Single elimination tournament, until we have a Champion.

First round will begin on May 2 and 3rd. Anglers may fish , Saturday, or Sunday, or both days . Best 5 fish will determine the winner.

2nd round will be May 9,10

3rd round May 16,17

4th round, the Big 8, will be May 23,24

Final 4 will be May 30.

Championship will be June 6

This is a fun tournament. Just for bragging rights as the first Missouri bracket champion. This will become an annual, fun spring championship. MoYak Online rules apply. For more details go to

This years Champion will receive a Saviur Outdoors retrieval device, and a $100 gift card to OMTC

May Madness 2020

AnglerHeroes on the Water Charity Classic2020 – MO STATE CHAMPIONSHIPAOY
4Steve Bryant----0.00
5Lance Burris----0.00
7Mike Keafer----0.00
8Richie McMichael----0.00
10Grant Dohle----0.00
11Dave Neal----0.00
12Josh Martin----0.00
13Brandon Prince----0.00
14Zachary Reynolds----0.00
15Bill Dipman----0.00
16Diana Dobbs----0.00
17Keith Jones----0.00
18TJ McMurray----0.00
19Jake Kroger----0.00
20Jarred Anderson----0.00
21Cody Pender----0.00
22Jared Fosnow----0.00
23Ryan Reed----0.00
24Jay Harman----0.00
25DJ Williams----0.00
26Kori Whitchurch----0.00
27Ethan Fischer----0.00
28Dustin Besperat----0.00
29Mike Unruh----0.00
30Aaron Sims----0.00
31Zach Cochran----0.00
32Frankie Miller----0.00
33Keaton Voeghtly----0.00
34Jason Payne----0.00
35Mitchell Schied----0.00
36Nathan Head----0.00
37Ryan Marshall----0.00
38Zachary Adams----0.00
39Trevor Fanning----0.00
40Troy Caldwell----0.00
41Carl Pender----0.00
42Jacob Evans----0.00
43Josh Robinson----0.00
44Lance Fischer----0.00
45Sheldon Cremering----0.00
46Tyler Helton----0.00
47Gannon Withers----0.00
48Tyler Houx----0.00
49Jesse Becklenberg----0.00
50Darrell Cureton----0.00
51John DeHahn----0.00
52Riley Bradley----0.00
53Mel Isaacs----0.00
54Adam Isaacs----0.00
55Britton Cummings----0.00
56Rachel Dameron----0.00
57Danny Jackson----0.00
58Ryan Cummings----0.00
59Justin Coon----0.00
60Chris Smith----0.00
61Barry Taylor----0.00
62Blake Power----0.00
63Jack Seidel----0.00
64Jamie Norris----0.00
65Brad Antle----0.00
66Scott Read----0.00