Pomme gets “Robb”ed

A beautiful late summer Saturday greeted a 62 angler field on potato lake, errr, Pomme de Terre for the final regular season event of 2022.  The Angler of the Year race on the individual side was too close to call going in with several anglers knotted up at the top.  Although the team side had one more event to go (Mo State Championship) it, too, was going to come down to the wire.  Pomme gave us numbers this time but was lacking in quality. MoYak came away with an FPA (fish-per-angler) of 5.56 and 64% of the field submitted a limit of bass.

After the whistle blew, Columbia’s Chris Robbs came away with his first win with MoYak, beating perennial powerhouses Lance Burris and Dorman Hughey by 1.5″ and 3″ respectively.

On the team side, The Burrito Banditos (Yours Truly & Richie McMichael) beat out the CoMo Crushers with 156.50″. This set the stage for a shootout at the Missouri State Championship between the Banditos, the Crushers, Team Bonafide, and Shake & Bake.

Frankie Miller, Jr. wins big bass with his 19.5″ spud lake brute

Here are your top ten for the 2022 MoYak Stop #7 Pomme de Terre presented by Everhart’s Outdoors.

  1. Chris Robbs – 81.5″
  2. Lance Burris – 80″
  3. Dorman Hughey – 78.5″
  4. Richie McMichael – 78.5″
  5. Troy Enke – 78″
  6. Patrick Troutman – 75.75″
  7. Anthony Brown – 74.5″
  8. Justin Coon – 74″
  9. Steve Earls – 73″
  10. Chad Davison – 72.75″

Team Winners

  1. Burrito Banditos (Richie McMichael & Troy Enke) 156.5″

Let’s see how the top FIVE figured it out;

What was your strategy going into the day.

Chris – My strategy was to stay around the bait fish and thoroughly fish every piece of cover I could seek out close to where the bait fish were holding.

Lance – With the cold front I planned on going into full prefish mode, cover water with 7 different rods as fast as possible to reveal a bite then slow down, some.

Dorman – No Report

Richie – Start the day off with a buzzbait and plopper and get a couple decent keepers early to start of the morning then switch over to a spinnerbait/bladed jig and fill out a limit. If that didn’t work , I was gonna slow down and flip laydowns. Found the golden shiner bladed jig was working and used it most of the day.

Troy – I like to power fish shallow. I planned to fish top water all day.

Were you able to prefish and did you find anything that helped you on game day?

Chris – I was able to pre-fish. I really wanted to have a strong finish to the season to help reach my goal of making the top 10 in AOY, so I went down to the lake a couple weeks prior to the tournament for a couple days to do a little fishing and really just explore places on the lake that I was interested in fishing. I was also able to get on the water for a few hours on the day before the tournament to do the same thing and see how the bite may have changed in those couple of weeks. The biggest help was getting to eliminate places I fished, I really focused on trying to find places that suited my style of fishing and if it seemed to be holding bait or fish.

Lance – Had no time to prefish so I just fished history so I didn’t have to break down new structure.

Dorman – No Report

Richie – Was not able to prefish

Troy – I checked the closest ramp to my house the Wednesday before the tournament.  I saw tons of baitfish action and fish were busting on top right at the ramp.  I threw a few casts with a buzzbait from the bank and caught a 15″. I knew I’d start there after that.

What was your best finish on Pomme before this?

Chris – 22nd

Lance – 4th

Dorman – No Report

Richie – 8th in 2020

Troy – 2nd in 2019

What was the general tackle you used?

Chris – Spinnerbait and Crankbaits

Lance – Chatterbait all day. Threw it on 40# braid using a 7’ MH Kistler Feel N Reel hybrid carbon/glass rod.

Dorman – No Report

Richie – Zman and berkley bladed jigs.

Troy – Junk fishing 101 – Buzzbait, Plopper, Frittside, Spinnerbait, Shakey Head, Chatterbait

How far did you have to travel to find your fish – General area of the lake you chose?

Chris – I had to travel about a mile to get to where I wanted to start fishing and I was fishing the upper end of the lake.

Lance – Only covered about 4-5 miles of shoreline on the south side of the lake.

Dorman – No Report

Richie – Started in the river and went as far as I could paddle.

Troy – South end

What depth range were you looking for (what was your water temp/clarity)?

Chris – I was looking for fish up shallow, pretty sure everything I caught was between 1-6 ft of water. Water temp was in the mid 60s and had about 2ft visibility.

Lance – I don’t fish deep so I beat the banks with minimal clearity and temp ranged from 59-65.

Dorman – No Report

Richie – 1 to 4 feet. Water slightly stained and temp was in the upper 60’s.

Troy – Shallow – water had a good stain with upper 60’s.

Anything else special about the day? Big Bass Story?

Chris – I managed to land the 2nd place big bass! It came pretty early in the morning and was the fish that got me my limit so I was extremely happy about getting my 5th fish and the fact that it was a quality 18.75″ kicker. The fish was holding in a shallow lay down and I ran my spinnerbait right through the heart of it and BOOM, the big girl just sucked it right in!

Lance – Lake was the lowest I’ve ever fished it so dealing with bass boats where I was wasn’t a problem. As I pulled my chatterbait out of the water, biggest fish of the day came half way out and ripped one of the legs of my trailer off. Would have given me close to a 2″ cull.

Dorman – No Report

Richie – Every day on the water is special.

Troy – I had to stop throwing the Frittside squarebill because I couldn’t stop catching white bass.

See any wildlife worth mentioning?

Chris – Saw deer and bald eagles, just a great day to be outdoors.

Lance – Saw an old eagle, it was bald.

Dorman – No Report

Richie – Pretty quiet day for wildlife but did get startled by a few bats that flew over me.

Troy – I was greeted by a wild Hughey at the ramp. We started together in the same cut across from the ramp.  A friendly wager on first bass ensued and was won by yours truly on my third cast.  I have since framed that dollar.

Lose any bigguns?

Chris – Yes, two…The first I am not sure of what it was but it broke me off quickly, I have a feeling it was a toothy critter but whatever it was it was not small! The second one was for sure a bass and it was with 10 minutes left in the tournament right at the boat….I made the mistake of forgetting to adjust my drag after switching baits on my rod and I thought for sure it was going to be what cost me the victory because we have too many good fishermen in this club to give anyone even a quarter inch.

Lance – The one that got away.

Dorman – No Report

Richie – No, saw a biggun swipe at my bait but did not hook up.

Troy – I had a 20+ erupt on my buzzbait after a long drought of no bites. I got three cranks of the reel handle on her and she was gone.  I had lots of short strikes and weird hookups that day.

Derby Stats
Anglers 62
Fish caught – 345
Total limits – 43 (64%)
Margin of victory – 1.5″
Smallest Bass Award – Josh Keatts 8.25″
Air temp at launch – 55
Air temp at takeout – 82
Water temps reported – Mid to High 80’s

Trash Fish Winner – Dave Neal wins $120 for this Tub-O-Goo

Results — 2022 Pomme de Terre

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Christopher Robbs81.51300
Lance Burris802295
Dorman Hughey78.53290
Richie McMichael78.54285
Troy Enke785280
Patrick Troutman75.756276
Anthony Brown74.57272
Justin Coon748268
Steve Earls739264
Chad Davison72.7510260
Kerry Evans7111257
Preston Maples70.512254
Cole Armer70.2513251
Scott Kroger7015245
Mason Brock7016243
Jake Bollinger68.517241
Brandon Heimericks68.2518239
Lance Irwin68.2519237
Steve Van Tassell68.2520235
Christopher Gilbert67.521233
Jacob Johnson66.2522231
Michael Sandlin65.7523229
Stacy Jordan65.7524227
Dave Neal6525225
Jennings Sirmon6526223
Eric Easter64.528219
Trevor Motzkus64.529217
Ryan Reed64.2530215
Kyle Savner63.531213
Andrew Leotaud6332211
Mike Dent62.533209
Shannon Jernigan61.534207
Josh Keatts6135205
Donald Schwartz59.7536203
Johnathan Dominguez59.2537201
Danny Johnson58.7538199
Robert Bruewer56.540195
Mike Tichenor5541193
Trevor Fanning5542191
Michael Smith53.543189
Tyy Ward52.7544187
Phil Schaefer5245185
Stony Floyd51.546183
Nathan Head41.2547181
Frankie Miller50.2548184
Joe Hayes49.2549177
Jeremy Truitt46.2550175
Christopher Moyher3751173
Christopher Cramsey36.7552171
Micah Funderburgh28.2553169
Jacob Pruett26.2554167
Mike Keafer25.2555165
Broc Van Tassell24.7556163
Jason Payne22.2557161
Michael Cornelius13.558159
Brayden Cravens060157
Tommy Probst062157

Results — 2022 Pomme de Terre Team

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Burrito Banditos156.501300
CoMo Crushers154.252295
The Chatter Boys117.754285
Slappin Da Bass113.755280
Dink Whisperers1077272
Team Bonafide105.258268
Motor Promoters82.759264
Eco Fanatics71.2510260
Shake & Bake68.2512254
Hicks with Sticks63.513251