Isaacs Wins on Bull Shoals – Recap

I started my tournament morning out on the upper ends of Bull Shoals pulling up to my spot and noticed there were four or five other kayaks putting in at the same place I was.  Immediately, I was nervous that they might paddle out and sit on my spot.  A spot that I had been fishing for the 3 days prior to the tournament. As I watched, each one of them took off and paddled right through and over the spot I planned to fish.

I launched, pulled out onto the point, and waited for the bite to take off. I rigged a Texas-rigged plum apple ten and a half-inch Zoom Ol’ Monster worm. I knew from days prior that when the fish bit they would bite real good, but you never knew what time they were going to start biting. Close to about 7:15 am I got my first bite and caught five fish in about 10 casts! By about 7:45 the bite had died but I knew the fish were still in the area. So, I continued to fish the point I had been on from 5:45 a.m. until 2:35 p.m.

One of the hardest things I’ve ever done was to sit on one spot and fish for that long. At about 2:30 pm I had floated off of “The Spot”.  I found myself out further from shore than I had been all day. With time winding down, I turned around and made a hail Mary cast back towards the bank. As my bait was falling to the bottom I noticed the line twitch and set the hook.  What I was thinking was a walleye turned out to be my biggest fish of the day at 19″. By the time I landed the fish and submitted the picture it was 2:35 pm. I decided to call it a day in hopes that what I had caught was enough and as it turns out, it was!