Mo-Yak Fishing Series 2020 Stop #7 – Pomme de Terre Lake presented by Everharts Outdoors






Pomme de Terre Lake Boundary Map


The one-day roadrunner tournament will be held on 8/22/2020.

Roadrunner style launch

First launch 5:30 am.

Lines in at 6 pm
Lines out at 3 pm.

Check-in and photo submission deadline at 4pm.

Tournament HQ will be at the Clearlight Inn, Hermitage Missouri conference center.

*Time’s subject to change

Mo-Yak AOY Points will be awarded for all Mo-Yak members competing in this contest.

Mo-Yak event Entry Fee $45.
Optional Big Bass pot $10.

Mo-Yak event Entry Fee $20.
Optional Big Bass pot $10.


Date Time League Season
August 22, 2020 6:30 am MoYak Fishing Series 2020


Clearlight Inn
20893 County Road 295 Hwy 254 & Hwy 64

Results — Pomme de Terre

AnglerInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Darian Beedle93.251310
Tommy Probst81.752295
Jim Harding803290
Chris King79.754285
Bailey Bewley785280
Troy Enke77.56276
Lance Burris76.57272
Richie McMichael75.758268
Jeff Mellencamp73.759264
Michael Cornelius72.2510260
Jason Yiznitsky71.7511257
Zachary Reynolds71.512254
Evan Washburn70.513251
Steve Bryant70.2514248
Grant Dohle69.2515245
Jacob Johnson67.7516243
Dorman Hughey67.517241
Keaton Voeghtly67.518239
Brian Hillman67.519237
Sam Young67.2520235
Joe Hayes66.7521233
Jeremy Truitt66.2522231
Eric Easter65.523229
Dustin Besperat64.524227
John Evans64.525225
Michael Sandlin64.526223
Jerry Cornelius63.527221
Christopher Moyher63.2528219
Tyy Ward62.2529217
Lance Irwin6230215
Shannon Jernigan60.531213
Bill Dipman59.532211
Stacy Jordan5833209
Lance Breaud57.7534207
Alex Carriker57.2535205
Jacob Nunn54.2537201
Johnathan Dominguez54.2538199
Dave Neal54.2539197
Christopher Robbs53.7540195
Mark Springer52.7541193
Joe Walters51.7542191
Joe Rippe51.7543189
Trevor Fanning51.544187
Kerry Evans44.545185
Frankie Miller4146183
Chuck Stogdill38.7547181
David Dow33.548179
Zachary Armstrong32.549177
Broc Van Tassell23.7550175
Lance Rogers23.2551173
Ryan Reed22.2552171
Mike Keafer15.7553169
Danny Johnson15.2554167
Chad Hartman11.2555165
Daniel Crum10.7556163
Jarred Anderson057161
Mark Collier058161
Jay Harman059161
Jason Payne060161