This tournament will be held on Bull Shoals lake in Missouri waters only.

Anglers may launch from any public access within the boundaries.

Once launched anglers may go anywhere, they can paddle/pole/pedal/power to.

Portaging is Not allowed.

Dragging kayak across shallows is not allowed.

Anglers must remain inside the kayak while competing.

Anglers may get out on the shore and take a break but are not allowed to fish.


MoYak membership is not required to compete, but members get a discounted entry fee as well as earning the right to compete for points in the Angler of the Year race. To join go to

Ketch brand measuring boards only.

No minimum length.

Anglers must meet Coast Guard safety lighting requirements if launching before sunrise.

PFDs must be worn during competition.

Prefishing ends at 6:00pm Friday.

Identifier code will be released at 6:00pm Friday night. Identifier code must be visible in the photo and may be written on anything.

Anglers may load up and drive to another public access point and relaunch during tournament times.


PAYOUT- Entry Fee $68.00

-BIG BASS pot will be $7.00 per angler that will be deducted from the entry fee.

100% payback to whoever catches the biggest bass. Tie breakers are settled by whoever has the next biggest bass. If over 75 anglers enter in the derby then the big bass pot will be split 75/25 and will pay out 2 spots.

-Missouri Championship pot $5.00

-Angler of the Year pot $3.00

-Admin fee $5.00

-TourneyX fee is $6.50

-PayPal Fee $3.00

100% payback after those fees, will be paid out to the top 10% of the field.

Trash pot is optional and will be awarded to the angler that catches the longest non scorable fish(not a bass) that was caught by legal tournament means during the derby.

To sign up for the Trash pot click on the box when you register.

Trash pot photos are submitted to the Tournament Director directly.



Practice period ends at 6:00pm Friday.

Virtual tournament briefing will be posted on FB at 6:00pm and emails with tournament details will be sent out to the anglers.

Saturday morning

First launch is 6:30am.

Competition begins at 7:00am.

Competition ends at 3:00pm.

Photo submission deadline will be 4:00pm.

Awards at 4:30pm.

Door prizes and free raffle give aways at every event.

Awards location will be at Shadow Rock Park

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Participant agrees to hold MoYak LLC and its successors, assignees, licensees, partners, dealers, employees and volunteer staff harmless for any liability from any injury or damage arising from the participation of this event.


Date Time League Season
September 21, 2024 6:00 am MoYak Fishing Series 2024


20893 County Road 295 Hwy 254 & Hwy 64

Box Score

Player Position Inches Big Bass