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Date Time League Season
October 8, 2022 7:30 am MoYak Fishing Series 2022


20893 County Road 295 Hwy 254 & Hwy 64

Results — 2022 Pomme de Terre

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Christopher Robbs81.51300
Lance Burris802295
Dorman Hughey78.53290
Richie McMichael78.54285
Troy Enke785280
Patrick Troutman75.756276
Anthony Brown74.57272
Justin Coon748268
Steve Earls739264
Chad Davison72.7510260
Kerry Evans7111257
Preston Maples70.512254
Cole Armer70.2513251
Scott Kroger7015245
Mason Brock7016243
Jake Bollinger68.517241
Brandon Heimericks68.2518239
Lance Irwin68.2519237
Steve Van Tassell68.2520235
Christopher Gilbert67.521233
Jacob Johnson66.2522231
Michael Sandlin65.7523229
Stacy Jordan65.7524227
Dave Neal6525225
Jennings Sirmon6526223
Eric Easter64.528219
Trevor Motzkus64.529217
Ryan Reed64.2530215
Kyle Savner63.531213
Andrew Leotaud6332211
Mike Dent62.533209
Shannon Jernigan61.534207
Josh Keatts6135205
Donald Schwartz59.7536203
Johnathan Dominguez59.2537201
Danny Johnson58.7538199
Robert Bruewer56.540195
Mike Tichenor5541193
Trevor Fanning5542191
Michael Smith53.543189
Tyy Ward52.7544187
Phil Schaefer5245185
Stony Floyd51.546183
Nathan Head41.2547181
Frankie Miller50.2548184
Joe Hayes49.2549177
Jeremy Truitt46.2550175
Christopher Moyher3751173
Christopher Cramsey36.7552171
Micah Funderburgh28.2553169
Jacob Pruett26.2554167
Mike Keafer25.2555165
Broc Van Tassell24.7556163
Jason Payne22.2557161
Michael Cornelius13.558159
Brayden Cravens060157
Tommy Probst062157

Box Score

Big Bass