2019 State Championship Results

Missouri State Championship 2019 Results

Hosted by GEICO of Springfield, the inaugural 2019 Missouri State Championship was held on Table Rock Lake, September 21-22 2019


Mo-Yak would like to thank the Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce for providing us with the perfect venue for the Missouri State Kayak Championship tournament headquarters!

See visittablerocklake.com for all your Branson/Tri-Lakes visitor information.  

Enke wins on Table Rock


TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Troy Enke176.251484.25
Lance Burris162.752462.75
Mike Keafer153.503448.50
Richie McMichael153.004443.00
Brandon Prince152.755437.75
Mel Ashe152.256433.25
Brian Hillman143.007420.00
Dorman Hughey128.258401.25
Jacob Nunn126.509395.50
Joe Rippe123.0010388.00
Jim Harding121.2511383.25
Justin Arnold119.0012378.00
Tyy Ward112.5013368.50
Joshua Boothe111.2514364.25
Evan Washburn107.7515357.75
Steve Bryant106.0016354.00
Jeff Mellencamp100.5017346.50
Jerry Cornelius93.7518337.75
Grant Dohle84.2519326.25
Marty Hughes79.7520319.75
TJ McMurray76.7521314.75
Ed Bergstedt74.7522310.75
Zachary Reynolds60.0023294.00
Josh Martin59.0024291.00
Dave Neal59.0025289.00
Tyce Smith53.5026281.50
Jarred Anderson43.0027269.00
Johnathan Dominguez43.0028267.00
Mark Collier41.5029263.50
Richy Laughery32.0030252.00
Diana Dobbs30.0031248.00
Kerry Evans29.2532245.25
Darian Beedle28.5033242.50
Jon Newlands27.5034239.50
Joe Hayes15.2535225.25
Denton Giovenco14.7536222.75
Simon Tapprich14.0037220.00
Lonnie Taylor13.0038217.00
Stephen Sisk12.5039214.50
Sam Young12.0040212.00
Zachary Armstrong0.0041198.00
Justin Laughlin0.0042196.00